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I worked on the reporting and analytics team at HubSpot in Cambridge, MA for six months during the summer and fall of my senior year at Tufts. HubSpot is a very exciting tech company making a digital marketing automation platform that leans on great technology. It was incredible to be on such a team and I learned an incredible amount in my time working there.

While at HubSpot, I made some great friends, learned a ton about what it means to work 40hrs/week for six months, and what it means to work alongside a team constantly shipping code. While there, I built 2 major features and fixed many bugs. I also worked on systematic improvements such as an upgrade to React 16.

In my work I:

  • built out and iterated on a new page based on user and team feedback
  • optimized for performance
  • wrote Clean Code ™ and well-documented code
  • Worked with backend teams to coordinate necessary APIs
  • Built in usage tracking by working with stakeholders
  • Lead a push to increase reliability and monitoring (including presenting to our team on best practices)

Reports List (owned by me)

Reports List

Results of React 16 and Redux upgrade

React 16 Upgrade

Reports List Usage (people liked the feature!)

Reports List Usage